Condition Guide

This is our condition guide.  All condition descriptions are estimates based on inspection and our best judgement. We've included the approximate equivalent Amazon and eBay condition ratings for comparison and cross reference.

In general we cannot accept returns on items listed as damaged, non-functional, or impaired.

General Condition

 Condition Amazon eBay Description
New New New New and unused item with original packaging unless shipped without special packaging. May have been opened for inspection. Wear condition = New
Refurbished Renewed Mfg Refurbished Inspected by mfg or authorized repair.  Minimal to no wear or cosmetic imperfections. May not be in original packaging.  Wear Condition = Unused or Minor
Restored Rental Seller Refurbished Item restored to function by third party not approved by manufacturer. Wear Condition = Unused or Minor
Like New

Used - Like New

Used - Open Box

New - Open Box Technically used but barely or not at all and in perfect working condition. Original protective wrap possibly missing but original packaging included and in good condition. May have been demoed or tested. Wear Condition = Unused or New
Excellent Used - Very Good Used Well cared for item with limited use and in excellent working condition. Some wear, small scratches, or cosmetic blemishes may be present. Packaging may be damaged or item repackaged. Wear Condition = Minor
Good Used - Good Used Shows wear from consistent use but remains in good functional condition. May be marked or have identifying markings or minor cosmetic damage. Wear Condition = Modest
Functional Used - Acceptable Used Shows significant wear but functions properly. Packaging may be damaged or may be repacked. May have identifying marks or show signs of previous use. May be missing parts/accessories. Wear Condition = Functional.
Non Functional For Parts or Not Working Item does not function and is not fully operational. Wear Condition = Impaired or Damaged.
Damaged Shows damage that may affect functionality.  Items that could reasonably be expected to affect safety will not be sold. Wear Condition = Damaged.


Wear Condition Descriptions

Wear Description
New Item has no wear, is unused, and in original protective packaging
Unused Item is unused and in near new condition.  May be missing original protective packaging and/or have minor cosmetic wear from storage.
Minor Item has been lightly used and shows evidence of minor wear.  Functionally in perfect working order. May have some cosmetic wear.
Modest Item has been used and shows some normal wear from use.  Functionally appears in perfect working order.  May have some cosmetic wear or identification marks.
Functional Item has been used but remains in good working order.  Wear on functional surfaces and parts should not impair function under most conditions but may be unacceptable for demanding applications.  May have significant cosmetic wear or markings.
Impaired Item is used and shows evidence of wear that may notably degrade performance under some normal conditions.  May have significant cosmetic wear or markings.
Damaged Item is significantly damaged and unlikely to perform well under most normal conditions.  May require restoration or be missing components./  May have significant cosmetic wear or markings. Items which are likely to be unsafe will not be sold.


Descriptions of products and condition are estimates only.  Product descriptions of function where provided are descriptions provided by product manufacturer of original designed purpose of product.  No warranties either express or implied of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are offered by CrimpStore LLC.  Use all products at your own risk.